The brand new MacBook Pro M1 Max is causing some users charging strife

Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro rocking the M1 Max chip represents the pinnacle of the company’s computing achievements, but it ain’t much good if you can’t replenish the battery.

A number of users of the high-end 2021 notebook are reporting a charging issue that prevents the three-week-old MacBook Pro from charging after it has been shut down. Now Apple is apparently working on a fix.

The issue was published on Reddit (via MacRumors) with a MacBook user complaining “when the MacBook is shut down completely there is an issue with charging.”

So, basically, the person is saying that in order to charge the MacBook effectively, it must either be awake or asleep rather than turned off. Multiple other users on the subreddit have complained of the same issue with the new 140 watt charger for the MacBook Pro.

The user published a video of the issue with the commentary: “As you can see in the video the LED on the charging cable repeatedly turns on and off and with each time it does you can hear the charging sound effect.

The user, who posts under the username u/Trillionaire on Reddit said an Apple Support agent provided a fix, which only turned out to be temporary.

The user writes: “I just shut down the MacBook again and tried to charge it to see if the issue was completely gone. Same problem again. This should not happen on such an expensive device. I’m worried about the negative effects this may have on the battery and the device overall.”

Further communications with Apple Support revealed the company is investigating the issue, but in the meantime the user has simply been advised to charge while in sleep mode, charge with the lid open, or attach the MagSafe cable before shutting down the computer in order to work around the issue.

We’ll keep you posted on if and when Apple posts a full solution for the issue. The rollout of the M1 Macs have been astonishingly smooth over the last year and we were surprised there weren’t any major issues, given the company is debuting an entirely new infrastructure based on the Apple Silicon platform.

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