The Dali Rubikore speakers look to bring immersive sound to your home

It’s the week of Munich High End and hi-fi brands are littering the interwebs with new product announcements. One of them is Danish brand Dali, which has announced its Rubikore speaker series.

The series consists of five models, two of which are floorstanders in the Rubikore 8 and Rubikore 6. The Rubikore 2 is a bookshelf model, while the Rubikore on-wall is… the on-wall model. Completing the series is LCR home cinema speaker the Rubikore Cinema. The use cases for these speakers involve both hi-fi and home cinema listening.

Drawing inspiration from Dali’s Kore speaker series, the Rubikore series comes packed with “several cutting-edge technologies” that include Clarity Cone technology SMC Drivers, SMC-KORE Inductors, Hybrid Tweeter Modules with a brand new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter, and Continuous Flare Bass Reflex Ports.

Breaking those technologies down, the Clarity Cone bass/midrange driver diaphragms are to ensure “unparelled” natural midrange clarity without any artificial colouration. The SMC motor systems are there to achieve minimal distortion and optimal efficiency.

The Rubikore 8 and 6 floorstanders feature SMC Kore inductors within their crossover circuits to reduce signal loss, while the entire range features high-performance Mundorf capacitors.

The Rubikore 2, 6, and 8 speakers have enclosures equipped Continuous Flare Reflex Ports to maximise efficiency and in the same breath reduce turbelence and noise.

Inspiration from Dali Kore comes from its Evo-K Hybrid tweeter, with the new Rubikore series introducing a new Low-Loss Dome Tweeter to achieve what Dali claims is the highest resolution in high-frequency sound.

Dali says that each Rubikore Series loudspeaker is “meticuously hand-crafted and assembled” by Dali in Denmark. Finishes come in high gloss black, high gloss maroon, natural walnut, and high gloss white.

Availability begins in June 2024, with prices for the loudspeakers as follows.

  • Rubikore 8: £5999
  • Rubikore 6: £4499
  • Rubikore 2: £2299
  • Rubikore On-wall: £1299
  • Rubikore Cinema: £1799

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