The Galaxy Note 8’s latest update introduces a VPN service

Samsung has added the ability to setup a VPN connection on its Galaxy Note 8 to help keep the phone secure when connecting to public and dodgy Wi-Fi hotspots.

Dubbed Secure Wi-Fi, the virtual private network (VPN) feature allows Galaxy Note 8 users to set up encrypted connections over wireless hotspots that mask their handset’s real IP address.

This not only keeps the smartphone out of the view of anyone who might be snooping on the Wi-Fi network, but can also allow users to get around network restrictions; for example some sites might be blocked in certain countries or through some hotspot providers.

A VPN can also make it appear as if you’re browsing the web from another country, which can allow you to access region-locked content; for example, stream Netflix US programmes while in the UK.

However, Secure Wi-Fi only offers 250MB of free and secure internet access though Samsung’s service, so it’s really designed to be a tool for making secure connections rather than access blocked and geo-locked sites and content. For that, you’ll need a proper VPN.

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You can pay for a larger data allowance, which comes in at a reasonable €1.99 for a month’s worth of unlimited secure browsing.

Secure Wi-Fi isn’t a new service though, with SamMobile noting it’s been available on Samsung’s lower-end Galaxy J handsets, and that adding it to the Galaxy Note 8 via an update could come in response to the Krack vulnerability found in the WPA2 Wi-Fi security protocol.

It’s worth noting that there are a host of VPN apps and services available for Android that also offer secure Wi-Fi connections for reasonable monthly costs. But at least Samsung has now baked the option into its flagship handset, which should make it easy for anyone to setup mobile VPN.

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