The Honor Magic 6 Lite just keeps plummeting in price

The Honor Magic 6 Lite launched at the turn of the year, and since then its price has been steadily dropping.

This latest deal is the best we’ve seen yet. Amazon is selling the Honor Magic 6 Lite for £234.03, which is a saving of £115.96, or 33%, on its £349.99 RRP.

Save 33% on the Honor Magic 6 Lite

Save 33% on the Honor Magic 6 Lite

The Honor Magic 6 Lite is at its lowest price yet, with Amazon offering a 33% discount.

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  • Now £234.03

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It’s a great price for a phone with some seriously impressive specs, including a 6.78-inch 1.5K 120Hz display, 256GB of storage, a 108MP main camera, a huge 5,300mAh battery, and impressive five-star drop resistance certification.

We gave the Magic 6 Lite a positive 4 out of 5 review, calling it “An attractive budget-focused smartphone with stellar battery life and a top-notch display”.

Said display outputs at a higher resolution than most other affordable phones. It’s also just a very bright, colourful screen in its own right, with 1920Hz PWM reducing the flicker that can fatigue your eyes.

Its design really is very nice for a phone of this price – and we say that with the RRP in mind. At this discounted price, it’s an absolute stunner. This thing looks and feels great, but disappears into your pocket when not in use.

That drop resistance certification means that the Honor Magic 6 Lite is effectively immune to 1.5-metre drops from all angles, which is a rarity in any phone.

All in all, you’re getting a whole lot of phone for your £234.

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