The Innovation Project Selects the Teaching Channel’s EMPOWER Platform to Further Teacher Growth

“We’re proud to partner with Teaching Channel, which has a proven track record of empowering teachers to improve their practice,” said Sharon Contreras, CEO of TIP. “Together, we’ll help teachers throughout North Carolina transform the lives of thousands of students.”

The RTT program focuses on the most powerful school-based influence on student achievement: recruiting, developing, and retaining teachers, teacher leaders, and principals. To inspire educators’ professional growth, NIC members will engage in leadership academies, professional learning communities, and individual and peer coaching. To promote diversity in the educator pipeline, districts in the NIC will partner with historically Black colleges and universities to create year-long, equity-driven recruitment and retention systems. Participating schools will also support new educators who are taking Praxis Tests.

“We’re honored to join TIP in carrying out this important, transformative work,” said Don Rescigno, managing director at Teaching Channel. “We look forward to engaging this dedicated group of educators with our award-winning video-based platform to foster a culture of continuous learning, coaching, and self-reflection that ultimately improves student outcomes.”

“Teaching Channel’s professional learning platform will give thousands of North Carolina teachers, coaches, and leaders access to over 1,800 videos of exemplary practice along with reflection, collaboration, and coaching tools that are proven to impact educators and the students they serve,” said Mike Smith, president of Teaching Channel.

Districts supported by the grant include:

  • Asheboro City Schools;
  • Edgecombe County Schools;
  • Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools;
  • Lexington City Schools;
  • Mount Airy City Schools;
  • Scotland County Schools;
  • Vance County Schools; and
  • Warren County Schools.

For more information about the Teaching Channel EMPOWER Platform used by TIP, visit TeachingChannel.com. Go to TIPNC.org to learn more about The Innovation Project.

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