The iPad Pro will reportedly get a redesign in the next year

The last major Apple event may have been less than a week ago, but that hasn’t stopped Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman from sharing his predictions for the Apple devices that didn’t get a mention. 

Gurman published his expectations for 2022 in the most recent version of his Power On newsletter (via MacRumors). 

These include a redesigned iPad Pro. In June, Gurman stated that the tablet would receive a glass back for wireless charging as well as reverse charging to power up your AirPods or iPhone 13 on-the-go, similar to the way a wireless charging pad works. 

Another product Gurman thinks we’ll see launch next year are the AirPods Pro 2. Bloomberg has previously suggested that Apple will drop the stem design entirely in exchange for a rounder shape, so it’s possible we’ll see some major design updates here too. 

However, this apparently could make fitting the ANC, antennas, controls and microphones into the smaller casing a bit of a struggle, so what they’ll look like still seems to be very much up in the air. 

Other products Gurman expects to launch in 2022 include a new Apple Silicon-powered Mac Pro, a new MacBook Air and up to three new Apple Watches, presumably including the Apple Watch 8 next autumn. 

Gurman also thinks that Apple could unveil its mixed-reality headset, though the company’s AR glasses could still be two to four years away. As for the emergency satellite feature that never showed up on the iPhone 13, Apple is apparently still working on it so we could see that arrive with future handsets. 

The September 14 event saw the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch 7, the iPad 9 and the iPad Mini 6 unveiled live from Apple Park in California, with the highlight of course being the flagship phone. 

That isn’t all for this year, though. According to Gurman, we can still expect the MacBook Pro and the AirPods 3 to appear by the end of 2021, so hopefully we’ll see invitations to the next event sent out very soon.

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