The Kindle Paperwhite just got a big summertime discount

Ready to read? If so, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite (2021) just hit £120.

Down from £150, you can now get yourself a Kindle Paperwhite for just £120, saving you a cool £30, over at John Lewis. Plus, you get free standard delivery, and you can pick yours up in store if that’s more convenient, too, as well as pay an extra £10 for accidental damage protection for some peace of mind.

Worth mentioning, though, is that this deal only applies to the black model of Paperwhite, not the blue colorway that’s currently out of stock. This particular model of Paperwhite also includes ‘Special Offers,’ which is Amazon-speak for built-in ads that appear as screensavers when in sleep mode. 

The Paperwhite without ads costs more; although, you can, in the future, pay a one-time fee to bridge the gap between the ad-supported and ad-free Paperwhite models to disable ads, which comes out to £20 and is still less than the original price of the ad-supported Paperwhite. Though, these ads aren’t too intrusive.

For our money? We loved the Paperwhite, giving it four-and-a-half stars in our review. We appreciated its USB-C support, its excellent screen, and its durable overall design. Unless you were planning on the most expensive model, we preferred this over the base option, and it’s tough to beat on sale.

Thanks to a 6.8-inch display, impressive battery life that’s measured in weeks instead of days, and improved performance, reading on a Paperwhite is incredibly comfortable, especially if you’re already a part of Amazon’s ecosystem and buy books directly from the brand. Though, of course, you don’t have to.

If you aren’t after a color tablet that can run a variety of apps, the Kindle Paperwhite is a great way to get some reading done without having to worry about eye strain you might get from a more traditional tablet, like a more expensive iPad.

Make sure to take a look at this John Lewis deal while supplies still last.

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