The official PS5 headsets gets a new Midnight Black colour option

The well-loved PS5 headset is finally getting a new hue to match with the latest DualSense controller for the system.

The Pulse 3D wireless headset from Sony originally was only available in white, to match the sleek controller.

However, Sony has now finally bought out another colour option, this time Midnight Black. This headset will be available on 22 October and will cost the same as the original headset at launch: £89.00/$99.99.

This headset will pair nicely with the Midnight Black DualSense controller that was launched back in June, so you can make sure all your PS5 accessories match.

We can only hope that Sony will eventually bring out a Midnight Black PS5 to complete the set, though we suspect that won’t be for a while, considering the console has been fairly elusive and hard to buy.

This headset, like the original, is also specially designed for the PlayStation and will be able to take full advantage of the console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, with the option for players to fine-tune the frequency response so you can more accurately place sounds to match on-screen gameplay.

Plus, in the second system update on the console, there will be a new equalizer control feature for the headset within the sound settings, so you’ll have even more ways to customise your audio so it suits your gaming experience.

ps5 headset midnight black audio toggle

You can choose from three presents with the Pulse 3D headset: Standard, Bass Boost or Shooter, which will add extra emphasis to footsteps and fired shots in-game.

Users also have the option to make their own preset. You can save up to three, so you can create your own for specific games or genres.

Plus, you’ll be able to game with friends with this headset, as there are two integrated microphones that feature noise-cancelling technology so you shouldn’t get too bogged down with background noise.

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