The OnePlus Nord 2 is going for an outrageously low price

The OnePlus Nord 2 is now going for an outrageously low price over on Amazon.

You can currently pick up a OnePlus Nord 2 for just £239.50 on Amazon. That’s a 40% saving on the phone’s median selling price of £344.17, and around a £230 saving on its launch price (this is for the higher 12GB RAM/256GB storage option).

Save 40% on the OnePlus Nord 2

Save 40% on the OnePlus Nord 2

The excellent OnePlus Nord 2 is selling at a 40% saving on its median price right now.

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  • Now £239.50

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The OnePlus Nord 2 5G might not be the freshest phone in the range (the OnePlus Nord 3 finally came to the UK in August), but it remains a hugely compelling mid-range phone – one that’s now available at a less-than-mid-range price.

We gave the OnePlus Nord 2 a positive 4 out of 5 review at the time of its launch, calling it “a very good, affordable phone”.

We particularly appreciated its strong performance, which is broadly equivalent to that of a flagship phone from several years ago. With a particularly meaty GPU (and that 12GB of RAM), the phone is able to smoothly run fast-paced 3D games on higher settings.

Elsewhere you get a vibrant 90Hz AMOLED display flanked by stereo speakers. You also get an accomplished 50MP main camera that’s fast and reliable, with a relatively large sensor that’s capable of sucking up plenty of light and detail. Just point and shoot, and the OnePlus Nord 2 will capture bold and bright pictures.

Throw in super-zippy 65W charging, which will get you a full charge from empty in around half an hour, and you have yourself a very compelling phone for £240.

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