The price of the Pixel 8 Pro just dropped over 30%

Treat yourself to a Google Pixel 8 Pro for just £677 over at Amazon.

The impressive Pixel 8 Pro is on a no less impressive discount at Amazon, bringing its price down from an original £999 to just £677. This saves you a meaty 32% or £322, if you do the math. For those looking for a new Android phone, this’ll be tough to beat, especially if you like taking pics on your smartphone.

Wondering if the Pixel 8 Pro is any good? Well, in our review, we gave this smartphone four stars for its stunning display, incredible all-around camera performance, useful AI tech, and promise of 7 full years of updates. In short, we were mighty impressed with what was on offer in the Pixel 8 Pro.

Keep in mind that we said the above in the context of Pixel 8 Pro’s £999 MSRP. At over £300 less, this isn’t just an excellent smartphone, but it’s a splendid overall deal. In fact, this deal puts Pixel 8 Pro below the Pixel 8’s original £699 pricetag.

Standout elements of the Pixel 8 Pro include a 120Hz OLED display, a top-notch camera system with a bevy of convenient AI features, a great onboard speaker, a clean Android 14 build and UI, and battery life that we couldn’t complain about.

If you had budgeted for a base Pixel, or something similar, now you’ve got the chance to grab a step up for the same price. Plus, competitors will have a lot of trouble matching this price, like the iPhone 15 Pro on sale for £999.

Unless you’re a big mobile gamer that needs best-in-class performance, the Pixel 8 Pro is a tough smartphone to match, particularly at this price. And for photographers, the gorgeous colors and striking imagery of the Pixel 8 stands up well against any other smartphone, no matter the price.

If interested, make sure to check out this Amazon deal while supplies still last. 

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