The PS5 price cut has to be seen to be believed

If you’ve been holding out for a tempting PS5 deal then now’s the time to buy as the BT Store has just dropped an unbelievable bundle.

You can get the disc-based PS5 console with God of War Ragnarok thrown in (arguably one of the best games on the system) for just £499.99, down from £539.99. We gave a rare five-star rating to Ragnarok in our review, making it one of the best starter games to get if you’re looking to add a PS5 to your gaming set-up.

If you want a little more bang for your buck then there’s a second deal that you can add to the aforementioned bundle; simply scroll down to the ‘Bundle Deals’ tab, click the drop-down menu and you’ll be able to add an extra DualSense controller into the mix for another £39.99. Given that these controllers tend to cost £59.99 on their own, that’s one heck of a steal if you’re looking to engage in some multiplayer action.

PS5 x God of War Bundle Offer

PS5 x God of War Bundle Offer

Perfect for anyone looking to dive into some next-gen gaming, this God of War PS5 bundle has just seen a tasty price drop.

  • BT Store
  • Was £539.99
  • Now £499.99

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Back to the console itself, the PS5 is Sony’s latest next-gen console, absolutely dominating the previous-generation PS4 in terms of specs and graphics. On top of a completely redesigned UI, the PS5 is capable of producing raytracing in-game which sees more realistic lighting effects deployed for a truly mesmerising experience.

What really ties the whole thing together is the DualSense controller which uses improved haptic feedback to more closely mimic the events being depicted onscreen. In God of War Ragnarok for instance, the controller is able to convey the feeling of Kratos’ axe returning to his hands, and the crushing power behind each and every punch.

For anyone who played the 2018 reboot of the God of War series, Ragnarok is a tremendous follow-up that delivers on the set-up of its predecessor with an incredible story about family and the question of fate versus free will. The gameplay has also been updated with new moves and weapons, as well as segments that see the player control Atreus (Kratos’ son) for the first time.

Given that the PS5 was out of stock for so long, the fact that a bundle like this is readily available to buy is one thing but the fact that it comes with a discount attached is truly the icing on the cake.

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