The PS5 Slim is going cheap for a limited time

Amazon is selling the PS5 Slim console at a cheap price for a limited time only.

The retail behemoth is offering Sony’s latest console revision, the PlayStation 5 Slim, at a price of just £439. That’s a 9% saving on the £479.99 RRP.

It’s being labelled as a ‘Limited time deal’, so if you’re in the market for an up to date PS5 console at a solid discount, now’s the time to pounce.

Save 9% on the PS5 Slim

Save 9% on the PS5 Slim

The PS5 Slim is currently on sale at Amazon, with 9% chopped off the price for a limited time.

Sony launched the PS5 Slim in 2023, effectively replacing the original PS5 with a slightly more compact model. The overall volume of the console has been reduced by 30%, and it’s 24% lighter.

Given how hefty the original PS5 was, and how awkward it was to fit it under a lot of TVs, this is a very good thing indeed. Sony also introduced a subtle design revision, with a stylish groove running along the body.

Practically speaking, the PS5 Slim has a detachable disk drive, and now has two USB-C connections at the front rather than the one USB-C and one USB-A of the original console. The disk eject button has also been moved to a more convenient position.

Perhaps more consequentially, the Slim gets you 1TB of storage space rather than the original’s 825GB.

Otherwise, this is the same PS5 that prompted us to hand out a glowing 4.5-star review several years ago. It still has some of the best first party games in the business, while the DualSense controller is potentially the best at what it does. The level of haptic feedback, in particular, is on another level.

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