The top Galaxy handsets tested and reviewed


  • One of a few powerful, small Android phones
  • Pricing makes more sense than the Plus
  • Some clever AI features


  • The camera should have been overhauled
  • Areas like battery life and charging lack notable upgrades

There’s a lot of love for the smaller Galaxy S24. It’s not only much cheaper than the top-end Ultra model but it’s easier to hold, especially one-handed, with a pocketable compact design that’s still very much premium.

In fact, the Galaxy S24 is one of few Android smartphones to offer truly premium specs in a smaller chassis, even if it has increased by 0.1 inches compared to the S23. The 6.2-inch display, while smaller than the 6.7 inches of the S24 Plus and 6.8 inches of the S23 Ultra, boasts the same dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a super smooth LTPO-enabled 120Hz refresh rate, delivering vibrant colours and impressive brightness.

We found it perfectly fine for watching TikToks and YouTube videos, but those who like to watch Netflix or play games on the go may prefer the larger, but near-identical, Galaxy S24 Plus.

Unlike the S24 Ultra, however, you’re not guaranteed to get that top-end Snapdragon chipset. Instead, the S24 in the UK and Europe gets Samsung’s Exynos 2400 chipset while US fans will get the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 as the Ultra. Samsung claims that the two chipsets are near-identical in terms of performance, but our testing of both models suggests otherwise.

That said, regardless of chipset, you’ll enjoy buttery smooth performance that can handle practically anything you can throw at it. It’s just that the Snapdragon variant benchmarks slightly better.

Elsewhere, we love the versatility of the camera system, sporting three rear sensors including a 3.5X telephoto zoom and an ultrawide for expansive shots. As you’d expect, images are reliably detailed and well-lit, even as light levels begin to drop, though it uses the same hardware as the S23 and S22 so it’s starting to show its age compared to non-Samsung smartphones.

There are also a bunch of ‘nice to have’ features like wireless charging, full IP68 dust and water resistance and, of course, access to Galaxy AI with its on-device capabilities including image editing, text editing and generation, voice recording dictation and much more.

It also has one of the best long-term promises around, matching Google’s impressive 7 years of OS upgrades that’ll keep it ticking along for quite some time yet.

It’s not perfect, lacking the impressive main 200MP sensor and 5x periscope of the top-end Ultra model, and it’s slow to charge at just 25W, but it’s a tempting pocketable flagship that ticks most boxes.

Reviewer: Lewis Painter

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