The Wonder Woman Collective Unveils a New Vision for Women’s Health

Five leading women’s health companies, Paloma Health, Neura Health, LEVY Health, Seven Starling and Origin, have joined forces to announce The Wonder Woman Collective. This strategic partnership addresses critical gaps in women’s healthcare, focusing on improving healthcare outcomes, promoting health equity, reducing costs, and enhancing women’s health.

NEW YORK, May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The profound impact of conditions such as migraine, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian symptoms (PCOS), infertility, menopause, pelvic floor dysfunction or mental health disorders on a woman’s quality of life, work, and personal well-being cannot be overstated. According to a recent McKinsey report on women’s health, the resulting burden of the gender health gap in the United States amounts to $1 trillion annually, with 47% attributed to conditions affecting women disproportionately. “Addressing the Women’s Health Gap is not just an option but a critical necessity. Our success in closing this gap hinges on our collective commitment to collaboration, recognizing that only through united efforts can we achieve meaningful and lasting change in women’s health,” said Guillaume Cohen-Skalli, Co-Founder and CEO of Paloma Health.

The Wonder Woman Collective strives to deliver comprehensive, streamlined, and specialized care by driving early diagnosis and integrating treatments for these conditions, as well as offering a cohesive platform for health plans and benefits providers in need of broader women’s health solutions. Highlights of the partnership include but are not limited to clinical decision support and electronic health record integration for interconnected and concomitant conditions, joint commercial initiatives, and research and development opportunities in women’s health. “Through The Wonder Woman Collective, we are unifying diagnostic expertise and specialized care, enhancing the patient’s journey and offering timely, comprehensive solutions,” said Caroline Mitterdorfer, Co-Founder and CEO of LEVY Health.

“Speciality care is the future of women’s health, and by bringing together the leaders across the industry, we see an opportunity to set a higher standard across life stages. Together, we can create a seamless patient experience that enables better outcomes at lower costs for our partners,” said Carine Carmy, Co-Founder and CEO of Origin. Indeed, these companies have shown remarkable clinical outcomes. Neura Health boasts a remarkable 45% increase in symptom relief and a 73% decrease in ER and urgent care visits. Paloma Health has reported impressive outcomes, a 8% decrease in body weight within the first year, and a 92% improvement in patient quality of life after 3 months. LEVY Health has successfully identified a previously unknown underlying cause of a woman’s struggle to conceive in 94% of their users, of which in 70% of cases, lifestyle changes, medication and non-invasive therapy is recommended prior to IVF, coupled with a 50% reduction in time to diagnosis. Seven Starling’s specialized clinical model enables expecting and new mothers to see a faster and more effective recovery in their mental health, with 94% of patients experiencing a clinically significant improvement in their depressive symptoms. Origin’s patient population reported an 87% improvement in their pelvic floor symptoms and a 90% improvement in urinary incontinence symptoms – a condition that impacts 1 in 3 women.

With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, this is the start of a foundation where future companies can join and redefine the standard of care in women’s health. “With this initiative, we forge a new path in healthcare – one where comprehensive care, innovation, and patient-centricity are not just ideals, but realities. This is where the future of women’s health begins.” said Elizabeth Burstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Neura Health. Tina Keshani, Founder and CEO of Seven Starling adds “Women deserve specialized and tailored healthcare solutions to address their unique needs — and no one company can do it all. “

For more information about the partnership and its benefits, please visit https://www.thewonderwomancollective.com/


About Paloma Health:

Paloma Health is the leading virtual clinic specializing in women’s hormonal health, including chronic thyroid disorders and menopause care. Our treatment protocols are designed by world-class endocrinologists and thyroid experts and delivered by highly trained and compassionate clinicians. Paloma patients receive personalized care plans based on their unique symptoms and health history. Solutions include thyroid medications, hormone replacement therapies, non-hormonal medications, supplements, lifestyle coaching, and preventative health guidance. Paloma Health services are covered by insurance. With a patient satisfaction score of 95 percent, Paloma Health is helping women reach their full potential despite living with this impactful chronic condition and filling an immense gap in the healthcare system.

About Origin:

Origin is the nationwide leader in pelvic floor and women’s health physical therapy, with virtual care in 50 states, 17 clinics, and 41M covered lives. We support full-body needs for women and all people with vaginal anatomy through every stage of life, serving over 30,000 patients to date with an NPS of 98. Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) and its related symptoms impact the vast majority of women. Unaddressed, PFD costs the healthcare system billions of dollars and has an outsized impact on physical and mental health. We’re on a mission to create a higher standard of care and increase access to this essential yet missing piece of women’s health.

About Neura Health

Neura Health is a virtual neurology clinic for the 145 million Americans with neurological conditions. At Neura, we have built the first national network of tele-neurologists. Our technology platform leverages smart triage, AI, and self-serve content to make diagnosis and treatment more efficient, while providing a proactive, patient-first solution that delivers empathetic, best-in-class neurological care to those living with disabling and often misunderstood diseases. With neurology as a top-five spend category for health plans and systems, the opportunity to drive cost savings plus deliver better patient outcomes is enormous. Neura Health treats migraine, headache, tremor, epilepsy, concussion, long-haul COVID, sleep, and undiagnosed patients with symptoms like pain, cognitive fog, numbness, and more.

About Seven Starling

Seven Starling is a leading virtual provider of women’s behavioral health services supporting every stage of motherhood. Seven Starling’s holistic clinical model combines specialized therapy, peer support, and medication management to effectively treat common perinatal mood disorders like postpartum depression and anxiety, with 94% of patients seeing a clinically significant improvement in their symptoms after completing the program. Seven Starling partners with OBGYN clinics across the country and leading health plans including UnitedHealthCare, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente and Aetna to make care easily accessible and affordable.

About LEVY Health:

LEVY Health offers the first clinical decision support software (CDSS) to diagnose endocrine disorders, covering a range of conditions including PCOS, overactive thyroid, perimenopause, DOR, and 86 others. Despite affecting 1 in 5 individuals in the U.S., infertility remains largely undiagnosed, with potential links to serious health implications like metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Our mission is to confront this challenge head-on, offering a proactive solution that not only improves patient outcomes but also drives cost savings for payers and benefit providers. Powered by Intelligence Amplification (IA), our software seamlessly processes vast data, providing clear insights and recommendations, thereby reducing time to diagnoses and treatment – saving patients valuable time on their path to parenthood.

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