There’s an all-new Amazon Echo Spot with a Prime Day discount

Launching back in 2017, the original Echo Spot was a brilliant smart display/alarm clock, thanks to its round screen and small proportions. A great product at launch, the Spot never got a successor and was discontinued while Amazon focused on other smart displays and speakers—until now, that is, as there’s an all-new Amazon Echo Spot.

Pushed as a smart alarm clock, the new Spot has similar curved features to the original but with a more modern design and a new screen.

New display

While the original had a completely round screen, the new Spot has a semi-circle screen at the top, with the bottom of the smart speaker reserved for a 1.73-inch front-facing speaker. Amazon has moved to forward-facing speakers in a lot of its products, as they are louder and clearer. We’ll reserve judgement on the quality of the speaker until we’ve seen the product in the flesh.

Core to the new device is a screen that primarily acts as a clock. Amazon says that there are customisable clock faces and new animations.

Similar to other Echo Show smart displays, the Spot can use its screen to show supplementary information after you make an Alexa request. For example, ask the weather and the screen will show the temperature and an icon to show the current type of weather; play a song, and the screen gives track skip controls.

Colours and buttons

The new Echo Spot will be available in three colours: Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue. That should make it easy to find the one that complements your bedroom’s decor.

For this smart display, Amazon has physical buttons to control volume and to turn the microphone off for privacy. Similar to the Echo Dot with Clock (5th Generation), the Spot can also be tapped when the alarm goes off to snooze if you want a bit longer in bed.

Prime Day deal

The Echo Spot will cost £79.99, but it will be available as a Prime Day deal for £49.99 between July 8 and July 17, with a limited amount of stock available. You can find out how to sign up to be a Prime member and get the discount. We’ll bring a full review as soon as samples are available.

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