ThinkSmart and Knowledge Pillars Partner to Launch the SmartCoders Program in Bahrain

The SmartCoders initiative, spearheaded by ThinkSmart, aims to empower aspiring coders to flourish in the digital age. This collaboration between ThinkSmart and Knowledge Pillars will significantly expand the program’s reach and impact and act as a powerhouse for young Bahrainis.

Aaron Osmond, CEO of Knowledge Pillars, visited Bahrain to solidify this partnership and meet with key university, government and private sector partners. He expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative spirit and commitment to fostering enthusiasm for coding careers in the minds of Bahrain’s youth. The official signing ceremony, subsequently held at ThinkSmart’s Bahrain headquarters, brought together key executives from both organizations, including Ahmed Al Hujairy, CEO of ThinkSmart, and Osmond, CEO of Knowledge Pillars.

On the collaboration, Al Hujairy stated, “This partnership marks a major step forward in our mission to empower young minds through education and coding. SmartCoders reflects our dedication to nurturing the next generation of digital innovators. With Knowledge Pillars’ expertise and support, we’re confident in amplifying the program’s impact and equipping young learners with the knowledge and certifications they need to succeed.”

Osmond stated, “At Knowledge Pillars, we believe that high-quality technical education, coupled with real-world, hands-on certification experiences, has the power to transform the lives of youth. The SmartCoders program perfectly aligns with our vision of equipping young learners with the essential skills and industry credentials they need for a future in coding careers. We’re thrilled to partner with ThinkSmart and contribute our certification solutions and expertise to enhance the SmartCoders initiative, ensuring that young learners have access to high-quality coding education and industry certifications that prepare them for success in the digital economy.”

This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to driving positive change in education and empowering young learners to reach their full potential. By working together to advance the SmartCoders program, ThinkSmart and Knowledge Pillars are paving the way for a future filled with talented coders and innovators.

About ThinkSmart Gulf
ThinkSmart Gulf is a leading provider of innovative learning solutions and technology services in the Gulf region. Committed to driving digital transformation and fostering a culture of lifelong learning, ThinkSmart Gulf partners with organizations to deliver cutting-edge training programs and enable individuals to thrive in the digital age.

About Knowledge Pillars
Knowledge Pillars provides industry-leading practice and certification exams aimed at K–12 or college-level students and industry professionals. It aims to help students and aspiring professionals validate their computer science and web development capabilities by verifying their skills through a live-in-the-browser, vendor-neutral, exam-delivery platform, resulting in globally recognized industry certification credentials that benefit both employers and job seekers alike.

About SmartCoders
SmartCoders is a unique, first-of-its-kind initiative in the Kingdom of Bahrain by Nasser Vocational Training Centre, in partnership with ThinkSmart for Development and Training, to train and empower 10,000 Bahrainis in the field of coding. The program aims to provide an extensive range of opportunities to Bahraini individuals from all educational and professional backgrounds who are keen to enhance their learning by equipping them with the necessary skills, training and certification that will help them prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

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