This 500GB Galaxy S23 deal should be your next upgrade

Anyone coming to the end of their contract looking for a great value smartphone upgrade should check out this Galaxy S23 deal.

It gets you Samsung’s brilliant 2023 compact flagship phone with a 500GB monthly data allowance for just £23.99 a month, and with a low up front payment of £49.

Get the Galaxy S23 with 500GB data for £23.99 a month

Get the Galaxy S23 with 500GB data for £23.99 a month

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is available on a 24 month contract with 500GB of monthly data for just £23.99 a month and £49 up front.

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  • 500GB monthly data
  • £23.99 a month, £49 up front

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That’s a great deal on a phone that can still mix it with the best. True, the Galaxy S24 is now out there, and we love it for what it offers.

However, the Galaxy S23 remains a competitive proposition. We awarded it 4.5 out of 5 at the time of its launch, and we stand by that score in 2024.

“The Samsung Galaxy S23 remains an excellent compact choice without much compromise,” we concluded, “boasting top-end performance, versatile camera chops and, for the first time, true all-day battery life”.

In revising said glowing review recently, we added that “with the release of the newer S24, it’s cheaper than ever.” This contract deal certainly goes to prove that claim.

The Galaxy S23 offers a pocketable, minimalistic design that we really dig, yet can also provide all-day battery life and strong performance. It also offers a proper triple camera system (which the Galaxy S24 failed to meaningfully improve on), with a dedicated telephoto zoom lens. You don’t often get that for this sort of money.

For any one who wants a flagship smartphone experience without paying anything like a flagship price, this Galaxy S23 contract deal is a must-have.

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