This AI-powered baby sleep trainer can tell you why your baby’s crying

During CES 2022, Japanese maker FirstAscent has revealed that Ainenne – its AI-powered baby sleep trainer – will launch in the USA in 2022 following its release in Japan last year.

Rather than using a loud noise to wake up the baby like a traditional alarm clock, the Ainenne instead uses LED lights to simulate sunlight for a more gentle and natural wake-up call.

But this is more than just a glow-up alarm clock, as it can also gather data about your baby’s sleeping patterns and then make recommendations for the wake-up time. All of that data can be viewed via the companion app, providing an analysis for how your baby slept.

But the most impressive trick here is that the Ainenne can supposedly analyse a baby’s emotions by recording their crying pattern. It will then tell you whether your baby is hungry, sleepy, angry, bored or uncomfortable. FirstAscent claims this analysis is higher than 80% accurate based on feedback from parents, and has so far been used by 200,000 people.

The Ainenne device is also capable of generating white noise, which blocks out ‘harmful’ sounds that could potentially disturb your baby’s sleep. And lastly, the Ainenne can be used as a bedside lamp, producing a warm orange glow when activated, which should come in handy for bedtime reading.

FirstAscent first unveiled the Ainenne at CES 2021, where it won an official CES 2021 Innovation Award. And following its launch in Japan and a CES 2022 appearance, it’s now confirmed to be heading over to the US with a planned April 2022 release. There are currently no plans for it to be shipped over to the UK, as the company wants to see how it sells in the US market first.

However, with a $400 price, you’ll likely want to start saving now if you fancy purchasing Ainenne, as it isn’t exactly cheap. But who can put a price on a peaceful sleep, for both you and your baby?

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