This deal lets you get an air fryer for just £34.99

Pick up a Salter air fryer for just £34.99 with this outstanding deal.

Air fryers are the hot kitchen gadget right now. Compact, fast, healthy and energy efficient, there really is no down side to the way they cook up food.

Whether you can afford to add one to your kitchen is another matter, but this Robert Dyas deal is one of the most affordable examples we’ve seen. It gives you a Salter EK2817 1000W Compact 2L Hot Air Fryer for just £34.99. That’s a saving of £45 on the RRP.

Get a Salter air fryer for just £34.99

Get a Salter air fryer for just £34.99

Save a whopping £45 on the Salter EK2817 air fryer.

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  • Save £45
  • Now £34.99

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The Salter EK2817 comes with a removable frying rack and a 2 litre capacity, enabling you to quickly and healthily cook food at temperatures of up to 200 degrees. There’s a 30 minute timer and an auto shut–off function, with a low preheat time of just 5 minutes.

At 34.6 x 25 x 25cm, the Salter EK2817 is compact enough to fit on even the smallest kitchen worktop, or even stored in a cupboard when out of use.

If you’re after some recipe ideas for your new air fryer, the Salter Cookshop website contains a whole bunch of recipes as well as an instruction manual.

It’s best to think of air fryers as much smaller versions of conventional ovens. The controlled way in which it circulates hot air, however, means that you use much less oil than conventional cooking. The ability to move the food within them also enables more even cooking.

You can get a more in depth explanation of how air fryers work in our explainer. All you need to know right now, however, is that this is a phenomenal air fryer deal.

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