This Galaxy S24 Ultra competitor is now significantly cheaper

The Honor Magic 6 Pro goes toe to toe with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, yet it can currently be had for much cheaper.

Amazon is now selling the Honor Magic 6 Pro, in its striking Green shade, for £899. That’s about £200 less than its £1,099.99 RRP, or an 18% saving.

Perhaps more pertinently, it’s £350 less than the starting price for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Save 18% on the Honor Magic 6 Pro

Save 18% on the Honor Magic 6 Pro

The Honor Magic 6 Pro is selling at a huge £200 discount, which also makes it £350 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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So why are we referencing Samsung’s latest flagship phone so much when the deal is for a completely different phone? It’s quite simple really: the Honor Magic 6 Pro takes the fight to the Galaxy S24 Ultra in virtually every aspect.

Indeed, in our 4.5-star review, we concluded that the Honor Magic 6 Pro was an “all-singing, all-dancing 2024 flagship” that proves “a viable alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra”.

Its camera performance in particular is comparable, if not better than Samsung’s top dog. The main 50MP sensor is capable of outstanding HDR performance, while a variable aperture lets you switch between f/1.4 and f/2.0 for varying bokeh and light capture.

Zoom performance is truly exceptional here, with a huge 1/1.49 180MP 2.5x periscope lens that might just have taken the S24 Ultra’s extreme hybrid zoom crown.

You also get a gorgeous curved design, a high-end screen with an industry-leading 5000nits peak brightness, and comparable top notch performance from the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. Battery life is excellent, too.

All this for a decidedly low price of £899? The Galaxy S24 Ultra simply can’t compete on value.

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