This Pixel 7a deal trounces the competition

This deal for Google’s Pixel 7a really does represent outstanding value.

Giffgaff is currently running a deal that sees the Pixel 7a selling for £269 brand new. That’s a saving of £130 on the usual price.

What with this being Giffgaff, you’ll need to sign up for a contract of some sort, but the beauty of it is that you can simply pay £10 for a single month on a monthly rolling contract, and then cancel. Even at £279, this is a total bargain.

Get the Pixel 7a for just £279

Get the Pixel 7a for just £279

Giffgaff is selling the Pixel 7a for just £279 (including a £10 1-month contract), which is a hefty £120 saving on the RRP.

  • Giffgaff
  • Save £130
  • Now £269

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You might be aware that Google recently released the Pixel 7a’s successor, the Pixel 8a. However, with the latter’s price bump to £499, it’s still selling the Pixel 7a at its £449 RRP.

We should note that right now, Google itself is running a pretty meaty deal on the Pixel 7, bringing its asking price down to £299. But even that’s £20 more expensive than this Giffgaff deal.

You can also opt to pay for the phone across 24 months interest-free, or stump up the full amount up front.

This is for a mid-range phone that still stands up to scrutiny today. We gave the Pixel 7a a glowing 4.5-star review at the time, and we stand by that mark in mid-2024.

It’s got an outstanding camera for the money, capturing vibrant shots in a range of lighting conditions. You also get very solid performance, with the same Tensor G2 chip powering it that powers the Pixel 7 Pro.

Things like IP67 water resistance and wireless charging are far from the norm at this sort of price too. Google’s clean Android UI is one of the very best in the business, with none of that horrible bloatware clogging things up.

As part of this deal in particular, you won’t find a better-value phone than the Pixel 7a.

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