This portable Samsung Freestyle projector just hit its lowest price

The Samsung Freestyle is one of our favourite and most versatile portable projectors and it’s currently available for the lowest price we’ve seen.

The 2022 version of the Samsung Freestyle is 441.99, which is a massive discount on the original $899.99 list price. It’s currently $599.99 on Samsung’s website, so there’s still a big saving to be had if you nab it from Amazon US today.

Samsung Freestyle (2022) half the original price

Samsung Freestyle (2022) half the original price

Amazon is offering the brilliant Samsung Freestyle (2022) portable projector for just $441.99. Not bad considering it once cost $900.

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  • Was $899.99
  • $441.99

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The original Samsung Freestyle (there’s been an update for 2023), is capable of providing a 100-inch full HD display projection, complete with HDR tech. The product offers 360-degree sound from the built in speakers, as well as Samsunng’s top notch smart TV interface with all of the associated apps.

The company promises a point and play experience with a 180 degree hinge for easy positioning of the lens. There’s auto keystone correction too. You can buy an external battery pack if you’d like to use it on the go. That makes it a great option for camping. Otherwise you’ll need to plug into the mains via USB-C. It’s compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Samsung SmartThings, and had a HDMI out for connecting to a games console. That’s a mega bonus.

Our reviewer gave the Samsung Freestyle (2022) a fantastic review, clocking a 4.5 score from a possible 5. He praised the easy setup, good sound and build in streaming apps.

He concluded: “This portable LED projector quickly and easily delivers big screen fun and works just about anywhere. The images are bright and punchy, the sound surprisingly good, and the built-in apps offer plenty of streaming choice.”

Remember, this isn’t the newest version of the Freestyle. That was announced at CES 2023 and supports 21:9 visuals and the Samsung gaming hub. However, there isn’t that much of a difference so we say go with the existing model. It’s the cheapest we’ve seen it.

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