This PS5 deal gets you Hogwarts Legacy on the cheap

Listen up wizarding fans, if you’ve been wanting to play Hogwarts Legacy on Sony’s latest console then this incredible bundle is too good to pass up.

If you head over to ShopTo right now then you can pick up the premium disc-based PS5 console with a copy of Hogwarts Legacy thrown in for just £509.85, marked down from £544.98 for a limited time.

Ever since its release, the PS5 has been plagued with stock issues but they finally seem to be levelling out, and as if to make up for the amount of time that gamers have had to spend waiting for a chance to get the next-gen console, several discounts can be swiped up too.

PS5 x Hogwarts Legacy Bundle

PS5 x Hogwarts Legacy Bundle

Now’s your chance to bag one of the best PS5 bundles out there on the cheap.

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  • Was £544.98
  • Now £509.85

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There are several noteworthy bundles that have appeared across ShopTo’s website (including one that’s a solid pick for God of War fans) but for our money, it’s the Hogwarts Legacy bundle that’s designed to appeal to the whole family.

Set in the same wizarding world from the Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts Legacy’s story actually takes place several decades before The Boy Who Lived appeared on the scene. In fact, the game shows a whole new side of Hogwarts thanks to its Victorian era setting.

Joining Hogwarts School as a fifth year with lots to catch up on, you’ll learn iconic spells like Levioso and Revelio, and for those who decide to walk the same path as the Death Eaters, you can even add the unforgiveable curses to your repertoire.

The game does an incredible job of recreating Hogwarts as it appears in the Harry Potter films, and it also brings previously unseen locales, like the Hufflepuff Common Room, to life.

For anyone looking for the ideal starting bundle to kick off their next-gen gaming experience, you’d be hard pushed to find a better one than this.

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