This SIM card bargain gets you 60GB data for just £10

Anyone after a cheap SIM only mobile contract with stacks of data should check out this bargain deal.

Smarty is currently offering a SIM plan with unlimited calls and texts and 60GB of data for just £10 per month. Besides being cheap, this includes double the usual amount of data.

You’re signing up to a commitment-free rolling monthly contract, so you won’t get any unwelcome cancellation charges when you want to move on.

Get double data on a £10 a week Smarty SIM-only contract

Get double data on a £10 a week Smarty SIM-only contract

Get 60GB of data for the price of 30GB on this Smarty SIM-only deal.

  • Smarty
  • 60GB for the price of 30GB
  • £10 a month

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There’s unrestricted tethering in the UK with this SIM bargain, as well as no speed caps, and you can use your data plan in the UK with a 12GB monthly fair use data limit.

If you’ve never heard of Smarty before, it’s one of a breed of no-frills MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). It’s owned and run by Hutchison 3G, which is the parent company of Three. Unsurprisingly, it runs on the Three network. Both of those facts should some as some reassurance. The network scores pretty highly for customer service, too.

All in all, this double data contract offer is one of the best-value SIM-only deals around at the moment. Naturally, you’ll need to supply your own handset with this – Smarty itself only offers refurbished handsets as part of its whole no-frills thing.

We can help you pick out a suitable handset if your current one isn’t up to scratch. Just check out our Best Smartphones 2023 round-up.

Alternatively, we just reported on a great Pixel 7 deal that gets you £100 off and a free set of Pixel Buds Pro. That’s a bit of a steal on one of the best-value (and just plain best) smartphones on the market.

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