Thuros Tabletop Grill

What is the Thuros Tabletop Grill?

The Thuros Tabletop Grill is a contemporary, square-shaped barbecue. It’s safe to use on a tabletop and also doubles as an attractive fire pit.

We found that it cooked food evenly but at speed, which meant we had to turn items more frequently than would have been the case on a traditional barbecue. Whether this is a strength or weakness depends on what you’re cooking.

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Thuros Tabletop Grill

Thuros Tabletop Grill – Design and Features

The Thuros’s design is simple and elegant. The legs on the base keep the grill off the lawn or table to protect them from heat. Vents at the bottom draw in air, then pull it up through the charcoal.

According to the instruction manual, the Thuros can also be used with an electric insert for sites where charcoal is prohibited.

Thuros Tabletop Grill 3

It doesn’t require any assembly, you just pop two grills into it: the bottom one to hold the charcoal and the top rack to hold your food.

Every design touch is impeccably thought-out. For example, the grill rack has large handles at its sides, so you can lift it off the coals more safely. However, the lack of a lid or wind-shield was disappointing.

Thuros Tabletop Grill 4

Thuros Tabletop Grill – What’s it like to use?

We loaded the Thuros up with charcoal, lit it and waited patiently. Thirty minutes later, it was ready for action.

Once it was blazing, however, it was fast and furious. The coals burned super-hot and we had to turn food quickly to ensure it didn’t burn. Whether the speed is a good or bad thing will depend on what you’re cooking, but you’ll need to be attentive regardless.

Thuros Tabletop Grill 5

The fact that the Thuros Grill sits off the ground makes it suitable to take camping, or to the beach to use as a barbecue or fire pit.

Cleaning the grill is quick and easily, which is a mark of great design. Although some may describe the Thuros’ simple design as boring – it’s not going to turn any heads – the grill itself is hard to fault. Just make sure you turn over those sausages fast!

Thuros Tabletop Grill 2

Should I buy the Thuros Tabletop Grill?

If you want a simple tabletop barbecue, then yes. The Thuros isn’t as versatile as the Cobb Premier and not as easy to control as the Lotus Grill. However, if you’re after a simple, well-designed tabletop barbecue that doubles as a fire pit, the speedy Thuros won’t disappoint.


The Thuros’ simple, contemporary design and super-speedy cooking offers a versatile solution for back-garden barbecuing and trips away – with the added bonus of doubling as an elegant fire pit.

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