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Real-time Intelligent Design

To draw an analogy, enabling ‘real-time intelligent design’ for smart systems, is kind of like allowing a brain surgeon to interact with and talk to his patient during surgery – providing immediate feedback on effectiveness of the procedure.

Today, TinMan Systems (http://tinmansystems.com), announced immediate availability of the TinMan Intelligent Systems Design Platform, which includes an expanded suite of 6 software applications to communicate with, monitor, design and deploy intelligent systems – in real-time.

With over 1 million lines of code, and the third generation of flagship application AI Builder [V3.0] at its core, TinMan’s foundation of inter-operable applications provides the developer, engineer or scientist with a complete framework of critical and time-saving technology to get at, visualize and process live remote sensor data, as well as the capabilities to simultaneously design, test and simulate the actual intelligent engine which is controlling the external system – all from the desktop.

This enables a highly efficient approach / methodology that significantly reduces time to market (or time in lab), and reduced cost in development and deployment of intelligent systems.

The run-time library provides the ability to ultimately deploy that engine locally on the system for autonomous and/or semi-autonomous operation.

The TinMan Platform spans 3 primary functional capabilities:

1) Real-time remote sensor data access, parsing, fusion and visualization,

2) Real-time visual design, testing, simulation and deployment of intelligent systems and

3) Design, testing and deployment of pattern recognition and digital signatures for biometric and non-biometric classification systems.

Intelligent System Design: The 3rd generation of TinMan Systems’ flagship application, AI Builder (V3.0), is now available. AI Builder is a powerful integrated development environment for the visual design, real-time simulation, testing and deployment of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Use the 90+ intuitive components and modular assembly approach to visually design sophisticated decision making systems. The application now supports direct live data feed from sensors or other TinMan platform applications, as well as to send output data (decisions) to the cloud via UDP ports or other TinMan platform applications. AI Builder can be used to develop intelligent engines for robotics, aviation systems, health care diagnostics/monitoring, gaming, threat prediction, pattern recognition/biometrics, self-operating vehicles, digital signal processing/analysis, etc.

Real-time System Interface: TinMan RealTime™, enabling companies to rapidly access, and visualize real-time sensor data and to send commands to multiple systems to and from anywhere in the world. TinMan RealTime, along with its optional ‘satellite’ applications were developed as a result of the explosion of wireless sensors and the fundamental shift to leverage real-time data anytime, anywhere, to make things smarter – enabling a design process for machine intelligence that operates with real-time data. TinMan RealTime architecture was designed to work independent of or seamlessly with AI Builder as a robust, multi-threaded application to listen to, and send data to, multiple IP addresses through multiple local sockets simultaneously. When RealTime is running with AI Builder, it automatically controls the AI engine under construction or testing in AI Builder, sending sensor input data directly to AI Builder from RealTime and receiving computed decision outputs directly from AI Builder for sending to the target external system. On the other hand, when TinMan RealTime operates as stand-alone it is extremely helpful for just viewing live streaming sensor data and/or manually controlling the external system.

Identity Signature Design: Intelligent systems need to recognize / classify objects and circumstances in their environment. To do this requires reliable stable digital signatures of those objects. TinMan Patterns is a data exploration and insight-generating application used on data – usually data in the form of feature vectors – where each feature vector represents a measured identity, circumstance or condition. By providing multiple measurements for a single class and then dynamically comparing, registering, matching and analyzing various features/attributes and their relative contribution to accurate classification, an accurate identity signature can be determined. This signature then can be imported into and used in biometric systems and non-biometric systems depending on the application.

“What we are trying to do is provide the engineer the software tools they need to work fast and efficiently as they build, test and deploy smart systems. This is a new methodology to building smart machines – it enables a real-time design process to building autonomous systems,” said Karl Hirsch, President and CEO at TinMan Systems. “To draw an analogy, enabling ‘real-time intelligent design’ for smart systems, is kind of like allowing a brain surgeon to interact with and talk to his patient during surgery – providing immediate feedback on effectiveness of the procedure. With smart systems, immediate feedback and continuous iteration with the use and modification of computational constructs greatly accelerates productivity, reducing cost and risk.”

TinMan Systems was founded 6 years ago with its flagship AI Builder application, which provides a highly intuitive interface to visually designing artificial intelligence engines for deployment in autonomous systems. These systems are designed to function independently in a dynamic environment – making decisions continuously given a steady stream of real-time data from its sensors. Over the years, users of TinMan technology requested that the design process for machine intelligence was also made to operate with real-time data. The intersection of ubiquitous real-time sensors streaming data wirelessly, with the increased interest in intelligent machines has set new requirements for bringing smart and safe systems to market.

Running on the latest version of Windows® (32 or 64 bit), platform applications are: AI Builder V3.0, TinMan RealTime V1.2, TinMan Patterns V1.0, TinMan Satellite Sender V1.0, Satellite Receiver V1.0 and AI Builder Express V2.2. Each is a stand-alone software application but is fully compatible and interoperable with the other platform applications.

Pricing is available on the company’s website and includes Academic/Personal use as well as Commercial use licensing. Each application is available as a 30 day trial for download.

About TinMan Systems:

TinMan Systems (http://www.tinmansystems.com) provides software and professional services for the development and deployment of autonomous systems. Our expanding software platform consists of 3 general categories: Real-time sensor data fusion, visualization and control (TinMan RealTime™) and Intelligent Automation (AI Builder) and Pattern Recognition systems. TinMan’s platform applications can be used independently, or simultaneously for real-time design/testing of autonomous systems. Professional services include both PC and Web-based Rapid Software Application Design and Prototype development in several key areas; most notably in Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics and Intelligent Automation / Autonomous Intelligence.

TinMan’s software suite is comprised of an innovative, user-friendly tools framework and software deployment library for customers to rapidly develop and integrate expert real-time decision making into commercial systems, themselves. By providing state-of-the-art tools, advanced data visualization techniques and a fully abstracted approach to the use and assembly of complex real-time machine learning algorithms, TinMan’s products and services greatly facilitate the application of AI technology to systems operating in dynamic environments. TinMan Systems customers reduce costs of development and significantly reduce time-to-market for their intelligent products.

TinMan Systems was founded in July 2010 and based in Seattle, WA., USA.

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Media Contact: Karl Hirsch

Phone: 425-557-4360,

email: karl(at)tinmansystems(dot)com

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