TomTom Hands-free Car Kit for iPhone Review

Signs are commencement to seem that a sat-nav is about to go full circle. What started out as a marginal and program appendage package for a PDA afterwards became a standalone device in itself. But this hugely successful tool could be supplanted by a expansion of what it transposed – a smartphone – as a energy of a mobile increases.

TomTom has clearly seen this one coming, and launched a operation of automobile ascent kits including this, a new TomTom Hands-free Car Kit for iPhone. Not all of them are for Apple devices, either, in expectation of a TomTom for Android app chronicle due in October. However, a one we are reviewing here is still focused on a iPhone, and replaces a strange TomTom for iPhone Car Kit, nonetheless it’s not utterly a approach replacement.

The Hands-free Car Kit is of noticeably sturdier build than a strange Car Kit. Not that a latter was groundless – distant from it – though this goes even serve to residence your dear Apple smartphone in a demeanour it deserves. The new pack is designed to accommodate each iPhone from a strange chronicle adult to a latest iPhone 4S. However, a new pack does miss something critical from a strange – a GPS receiver. So any remaining users of a strange iPhone will be improved off removing a initial Car Kit, if they wish to use a satellite navigation app, nonetheless this indicate is a bit indecisive as a miss of new iOS updates will substantially be some-more of a hindrance.

You can still get a strange Car Kit, nonetheless now it is being marketed for a iPod Touch only, as it’s not designed for a iPhone 4 body. It’s value observant that, physically during least, a TomTom Hands-free Car Kit will usually fit destiny iPhones so prolonged as a use a same advancing connector, as such this competence order out a iPhone 5 onwards with Apple clearly set to do divided with a 30-pin wharf customary for a new 9-pin option. The coherence of a securing resource means that a Hands-free Car Kit will fit a phone even if it’s inside an surprising cover.

The phone attaches around a 30-pin wharf connector during one end, and a rubberised joint during a other, that secures with friction. The Kit has a unchanging windscreen suction mount, with an glue hoop so we can make a permanent chain for it on your dashboard. We found a suction mountain supposing a some-more secure connection than a prior kit. It rotates, too, so we can have your phone in mural or landscape orientation, a latter being preferable for satellite navigation.

What a TomTom Hand-free Car Kit for iPhone loses with a GPS it gains in other areas, essentially revolving around a trickery to use your phone safely while driving, as pragmatic by a device’s name. There’s a microphone connected to a mount, though it can be detached, with a series of accessories to assistance we reposition it. There’s an prolongation cable, so we can reposition a microphone where we want. A object visor clip, so we can insert a microphone there, and another shave to insert it to an A pillar. There are also 3 glue clips we can use to track a wire orderly to a microphone location. A 2 Watt orator is located during a back of a mountain to support with a hands-free capabilities.

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