Toshiba just made two 18TB hard drives for your PC

Toshiba is increasing the capacity of its N300 and X300 hard drives to 18 terabytes, the company announced today.

Until now, the hard drives had been limited to an already huge 16TB. The upgrade is made possible by Toshiba’s Flux Control – Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) technology, which can be found in both of the new hard drives. 

The tech – which was announced earlier this year – allows Toshiba to better control and focus the magnetic flux generated in the hard disk drives write head by using a Spin Torque Oscillator (STO). 

“The focused flux allows more accurate writing operation leading to a smaller magnetic area per bit and higher data densities compared to the previous generation of CMR HDDs,” explained Toshiba. 

The tech increases the drive density by 12.5%, allowing the new hard drives to carry an additional 2TB compared to the brand’s previous 16TB N300 and X300 models. 

The N300 is designed for home office and small business use, while the X300 is better suited for your PC, gaming console and home media setups. 

Both hard drives deliver 7200rpm performance. The N300 also accommodates up to eight drive bays and includes integrated RV sensors to compensate for rotational vibrations. The hard drive also offers a meantime to failure rate of 1.2 million hours and can support a workload rating of up to 180TB/year. 

Meanwhile, the X300 packs drive stabilisation mechanisms for better operational reliability, along with optimised cache allocation during read/write for high-level performance. 

The two new drives come in a 3.5-inch format enclosure with a 9-disk Helium-sealed design, which involves the use of advanced laser welding techniques to keep the Helium securely stored inside. 

Both hard drives will be available from Q4 2021.

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