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our subscribers gain immeasurable knowledge from invited speakers, headliners, and each other in order to form a great, ongoing community

On Sunday October 1st, E*Trade Financial presented the Trade Ideas Summit 2017: The Search for the ‘Holly’ Grail—a day of speakers exploring financial technology trends. The conference was also supported by shortlist specialist brokerage, and San Diego locals, CenterPoint Securities.

In the interest of educating traders and investors globally, Trade Ideas provided a live video stream of all speakers and panels available to the public for free. Over 3,000 people streamed the conference, tripling the number of streamers from last year’s Empowering Women Investors conference.

Dave Whitmore, from E*Trade Financial opened the program with enlightening data from E*Trade’s Quarter 3 2017 StreetWise survey. Other speakers included CMT and author Brian Shannon, Greg Robin of Random Walk Financial (a consumer trend analytics firm), Jane Gallina (mother, author, daytrader), Michael Nauss (automated execution trader), Sean Dekmar (day trader, educator), and David Aferiat, co-founder and managing partner at Trade Ideas. Rounding out the day were two entertaining panels that added Doug Rumer (day trader, educator) and Thomas Marks of IFS Securities.

“It was good to get so many different perspectives on the market,” commented Phil Smolen, CTO of Trade Ideas. “We had a similar theme last year [at Empowering Women Investors]. Shari [Mirkin] described how anyone could get into the stock market. Stephanie [Clark Burke] described how much crazier things were ‘back in the day.’ And Jane [Gallina] filled in the middle, describing how she consistently grabs what she needs every day to make a good living from the stock market.”

Jane Gallina, who presented at last year’s conference and spoke again at this year’s Summit, remarked, “It was an honor to be able to represent women traders at the Trade Ideas Holly Summit. Each year it gets more informative and expands not only my knowledge from other great traders but the attendees as well.”

The final speaker and moderator of the second panel was David Aferiat, a co-founder and managing partner at Trade Ideas. David is excited about how this conference helps our subscribers and others, “Not only do our subscribers gain immeasurable knowledge from invited speakers, headliners, and each other in order to form a great, ongoing community, but we at Trade Ideas better understand the impact of the technology on our subscribers’ market decisions as well as the impact on their lifestyle and personal achievements.”

“I’ve been working with some [of the presenters] online for years,” reflected Scott Olson, Director of Marketing at Trade Ideas, “meeting them in person and watching their presentations impressed me with how differently investors or traders can approach the markets, yet still adapt the same new tools for their distinct strategies.” You can view the complete archive of each speaker and panel of the Trade Ideas Summit 2017 here(https://www.trade-ideas.com/hollysummit).

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