Trade Spend Management Leader Vividly Announces New Additions to Customer Portfolio

KinderFarms and Tirlan join leading brands such as Perfect Snacks and Liquid Death. Vividly’s effortless, precise forecasting tool helps CPG brands stay on track and eliminate the potential mistakes caused by manual forecasting. The Company automates the entire sales forecasting process with AI-powered volume calculations, incremental volume adjustments on promotions, and simplified distributor management (including RTM and pricing changes occurring in the future.)

About Vividly

Vividly is at the forefront of trade promotion management (TPM) solutions, designed specifically for the unique needs of the CPG industry. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools for campaign management, deductions resolution, and promotion analytics, Vividly empowers brands to navigate the complexities of trade spend with ease and efficiency. Our platform is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, enabling brands to elevate their promotional strategies and achieve unprecedented growth. Learn more at govividly.com.

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