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Adaptive Sound Design

Transformizer was conceived in 2015 and built for the purpose of making sound design easier and inspiring. Its been refined together with people designing today’s blockbuster Hollywood movies and various soundtracks for tv and advertising. It’s built for creative usefulness and practicality, it’s like a ”Swiss army knife” within innovation, craftsmanship and quality for modern sound design and fast sound idea generation. A tool with which, only You set the limits of what is possible. Transformizer Pro is presented this week at AES Conference and NAB in NY.

The invention team behind Transformizer comes from Denmark and has over 25 years of experience in sound design within the Film, TV, Advertising and Music business. Transformizer’s plug-in utilizes extensive digital signal processing and especially the UI with clear graph visualization together with many outputs. Some of the advantages is within recording, the fact that Transformizer is developed as an AAX plug-in for Pro Tools it dramatically reduces editing time in various post production processes and lastly, the optimization of idea creation and composition flow.

“I’ve found a new buddy and its Transformizer! What a tremendous playground for designing sounds! And cool stuff at every turn. This thing is a lot of fun!“ Noted David Farmer, Skywalker Sound.

“We want to empower users with powerful tools, to easily and fluently create original sound design. It’s all about creatively transforming your idea into something concrete in seconds – and with minimal attention to technical setups and complicated plug-in workflows”. Noted Lars-Bo, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Transformizer.

The technology behind Transformizer is based on advanced analysis of the pitch, amplitude, duration and timbre of a Parent section sound, ‘master sound’ and hereafter applying these parameters to control an additional set of Child section sounds. Through creative composition of sources and intuitively tweaking of parameters new sounds will be brought to life in seconds.

Features Benefits.

Transformizer Pro is available as AAX plug-in for Mac and Windows. Later in 2017 we expect versions AU and VST to be available.

Four separate sound creation and composition sections detailed graphical charts with extensive parameter controls, 4 separate stereo outputs, 44,1 – 192 kHz fs., MIDI control of parameters, Integration into Pro Tools as AAX plugin with PACE iLok protection.

Pricing Availability.

Transformizer Pro AAX for Mac and Windows is available this week at Avid Seller Portal for purchase http://shop.avid.com at an Intro price in 2017 for $499 USD Its $100 of the normal seller price which is $599.

A 30 days free demo trial version of Transformizer Pro is today available at http://www.transformizer.com

About Transformizer.

Our Transformizer team is passionate about life within audio in general and wants to enrich users with powerful audio tools, to easily and fluently create original sound and music design. We are born out of the love for great audio. Transformizer has been invented by sound designers, music producers, musicians, loudspeaker designers, hearing aid designers, game audio developers, VR and AR designers, artists and DJs….the list is endless.

Our technological approach is a unique audio plug-in for anyone looking to boost their sonic creative output, regardless of genre and medium.

Transformizer was founded in 2015, based in Europe, Denmark and operates globally. Further information is available at http://www.transformizer.com

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