TrustLogix Simplifies Data Security and Privacy with Snowflake Native App with Horizon Integration and AI Policy Copilot

Building a Snowflake Native App has allowed TrustLogix to help customers access near-infinite amounts of data, along with the cutting-edge tools, applications, and services provided by Snowflake with elevated data security access directly from the Snowflake Marketplace. With the AI Data Cloud, you can collaborate locally and globally to reveal new insights, create previously unforeseen business opportunities, and identify and know your customers at the moment with seamless and relevant experiences.

“TrustLogix’s rapid innovation, interoperability with Snowflake Horizon, and launch of AI security capabilities helps match the rapid pace of change within Snowflakes users,” said Unmesh Jagtap, Product Manager Lead for Snowflake Native Apps at Snowflake. “TrustLogix features like policy-based access controls, discovery of data misuse, automated remediation, and a policy recommendation engine give security and data owners what they need to manage their cloud data protection. We’ve seen our customers solve these challenges with TrustLogix.”

TrustLogix will also host live demonstrations and interactive sessions, including the following product extensions which are part of the newly deployed native app, AI Policy Copilot.

  • Advanced policy-based access controls (ABAC and RBAC) for data domains and products
  • Data security posture management (DSPM) for Snowflake
  • Compliance reporting (e.g. CIS Benchmark controls, Sensitive Data Access, Entitlement Reports)
  • Centrally Provision Data Tags on Snowflake objects
  • Federate data access management to Domain owners and Data Stewards
  • Security governance for AI applications
  • AI-based policy recommendations engine

By building applications on Snowflake, product, and engineering teams are able to develop, scale, and operate their applications without operational burden, delivering differentiated products to their customers, as well as provide builders with access to resources to help them design, market, and operate their applications in the AI Data Cloud. To learn more about how organizations are building next-gen apps on Snowflake, click here.

Be sure to check out the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024 keynotes live or on-demand here and stay on top of the latest news and announcements from Snowflake on LinkedIn and X/Twitter.

About TrustLogix:

Distribution of data across multiple data platforms and clouds has made it more challenging than ever to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time, safely and securely. The TrustLogix Cloud Data Security Platform provides data owners and security owners with a single point of visibility and control of sensitive data access across all clouds and data platforms, at unprecedented speed and scale. It discovers data access issues in real-time, recommends and enforces fine-grained access controls across multiple cloud data sources, and provides comprehensive reporting and auditing of your data security posture, all without seeing or touching the data itself. TrustLogix is SOC2 compliant and natively supports all mainstream cloud data platforms including Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Databricks, SQL Server, Postgres, and more. TrustLogix enables organizations to take control of their data security posture and drive business success securely.

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