Ubisoft Developer Talks About PvP on The Division

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had anything to report about Tom Clancy’s “The Division” and Being one of the most anticipated games of 2015, it is odd that the developers have kept it low and no release has been made about the game. Recently we have had some rumors about the Third Person shooter RPG game which basically were released by Alpha testers and the industry insider Tidux talking about the game running at a higher resolution on the PS4 than the Xbox One platform. But they were limited to being rumors. More recently, official releases have been made about the game in a podcast where “The Division” Game Director Ryan Barnard revealed several things about the game’s testing and how things are coming along for its PvP.

Tom clancy's the division

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Certainly the developer should release a beta version for this game as an Online multiplayer game needs to be ready to take the heat when it releases. Good news is that “The Division” Game Director Ryan Barnard says that outside testers are coming in “weekly now” to test the game their own way.

A major topic up for discussion on the game is the PvP the game hosts in the form of multiplayer. The fact that “The Division” will be played online for several hours by each individual means that the game should be in perfect launching condition in terms of its stability. Ryan Bernard also commented on their work on the PvP for the game. He said:

“What we really want to do is create a public space in the game that is all opt in, so you know when you are moving into an area. There’s this added layer of potentially being engaged at anytime from another player. We really want to bring the fun components of PvP from other games in the genre. We want to try to make the mechanics more positive so you’re never really punished.”

The team is not releasing much about the game at the moment and that can be a good thing to keep the audience on their toes but it can also backfire for them to see what the audience takes badly after the game has actually been released. The developer needs to do more in terms of communicating to the end users about what plans they have upcoming for the game. Nor have they released any release date for it on which they were quick to comment saying that the release date for the game was to launch in “sometime 2015… It’s [scarily] close.” as said by Martin Hultberg, the Head of Communications and IP Developer at Ubisoft Massive.

Tom Clancy’s “The Division” will launch across all platforms including PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.

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