Ubisoft Plus to hit Xbox with Rainbow Six Extraction a day-one Game Pass launch

The Ubisoft Plus (formerly Uplay+) game subscription service is coming to Xbox consoles. However, unlike EA Play, it won’t be free with Game Pass Ultimate.

The platform, which is already available on PC includes over 100 games, including classics from the Far Cry, Tom Clancy, Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs franchises, as well as all of the related DLC and bonus content.

It’s $14.99 on PC (or $17.99 to use on cloud services like Stadia and Luna), but Ubisoft is yet to reveal when the service will launch on Xbox and how much it will cost. However, it’s another string to the Xbox ecosystem’s bow, which PlayStation doesn’t have.

In yet another bonus for Xbox Game Pass (and PC Game Pass) subscribers, Ubisoft’s new Rainbow Six Extraction as part of their plan on day-one, when it launches on January 20. The game will be full price on the PS4 and PS5.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new PvE first person shooter that’s require a counter-terrorist squad dealing with hoards of alien invaders.

It’s a spin-off of the Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak Mode, which saw plays take on waves of mutants. The new game builds upon that with teams of up to three players assuming the roles of the 18 operators featured within Rainbow Six Siege.

“By making Rainbow Six Extraction available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members on the day and date of its launch via Xbox Game Pass, we’re demonstrating that we believe in the value and choice that game subscriptions offer to players,” said Chris Early, Ubisoft’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development in a blog post.

“Rainbow Six Extraction for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members is just the beginning. Ultimately, we will offer the Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox owners so that they can enjoy the full extent of our Ubisoft+ game library, including new releases, on their consoles.”

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