Umbra Composit, Accelerates Rapid Visualization of Complex 3D Models…

Umbra – the leader in automated 3D optimization technology for designers and engineers — today announced Composit, the company’s latest and most advanced solution that makes it possible to display any 3D content in real-time on any piece of hardware. Composit is the only fully-automated cloud-based 3D solution on the market that applies Umbra’s patented algorithms to intelligently optimize complex models that, until now, could not be loaded on mobile mixed reality devices.

“Umbra has spent over a decade supplying real-time, 60 frames-per-second, 3D optimization to the world’s most demanding AAA game publishers,” said Otso Mäkinen, CEO, Umbra. “We now bring that expertise to AEC and other industries wrestling with how to interact, revise and view incredibly complex 3D models.”

Composit works alongside popular authoring tools such as Autodesk Revit. Once installed, Composit makes it possible for users to ‘Umbrafy’ — automatically optimize complex 3D models with a single click, projects from their Revit 3D View instantly. The Umbrafied content is then pushed to Umbra’s powerful cloud, where it can be shared to virtually any internet-connected device with a web browser and a growing number of VR and AR platforms including Microsoft Hololens, Apple ARKit, and Samsung Gear VR. This makes it possible for large, geographically dispersed teams of varying technical expertise to review renderings in real time, greatly accelerating the design review process.

“Composit is addressing multiple pain points in today’s complex AEC design workflow,” said Shawn Adamek, Umbra’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Upstream, our ability to optimize models in minutes enables architects and designers to accelerate revision cycles with colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. Downstream, our platform-agnostic viewer allows anyone, anywhere, on any device to view and interact with 3D models.”

The collaboration enabled by Composit will change the way architects and engineers design and communicate their vision, long before projects are built. The ability to instantly immerse key contributors and decision-makers in the project’s design gives an incredible sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness that simply cannot be matched by traditional renders, animations or even physical scale models. From cars and buildings to consumer products and even individual component parts, Composit makes it easy to resolve design conflicts and reach consensus on time, and on budget.

Pricing and Availability

Composit is available now, pricing starting at $239 per month. Volume discounts are available for customers interested in seat license bundles. To find more information and download a free 14-day trial of Composit visit: http://www.umbra3d.com/industries/architecture/

About Umbra

Umbra empowers 3D graphics designers and engineers to create, optimize, share and view their designs in real time on virtually any device. As the established gaming industry standard in graphics optimization for more than a decade, Umbra is now redefining rapid visualization for all industry ecosystems utilizing complex 3D models. Established in Helsinki, Finland, Umbra has offices in the US, EMEA and APAC, supplying technology solutions to top-tier customers worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.umbra3d.com


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