Update for Bose QC Earbuds brings several new features

The QuietComfort Earbuds are one of our favourites, offering a sublime noise cancelling performance. Bose has detailed the latest update for the true wireless, and it’s one that adds plenty of new features.

The main new feature of the update – labelled 2.0.7 – is the debut of Bose’s Aware Mode with new ActiveSense technology. The earbuds already have an Aware mode, but what this new feature enables is the automatic reduction of “loud distractions as they happen”, returning to full transparency mode when the pass. Interesting.

That means there’s no need to manually adjust the level of awareness as the earbuds will take care of that themselves, the reduction of loud sounds occurring dynamically. Inside the app, the noise cancelling slider/levels from 0-10 remains, but 0 has been renamed to Aware, while 10 is now Quiet.

Other changes to the Bose Music app’s noise cancelling interface include the addition of new modes for specific activities and places, so you can match the noise cancelling levels to what you’re doing. These include Commute, Focus, Home, Music, Outdoor, Relax, Run, Walk, Work, and Workout.

Two of these modes can be added as shortcuts, along with Quiet and Aware, with shortcuts accessible via double-taps on the left earbud with a voice prompt to confirm the change.

Other features as part of the update include Spotify Tap integration. This gives Spotify subscribers “instant access to their last session of personalised playlists” with a tap and hold on the left earbud. There’s also now the option of adjusting bass, mid and treble frequencies via a selectable EQ in the app if you want to personalise your audio experience.

And for those who use their earbuds to connect to several different devices, the QC Earbuds can remember the last seven connections, and can switch from one to another without needing to be manually disconnected from the previous device.

It all sounds like quite a substantial update for one of our favourite true wireless earbuds. Priced at £249.95 (though you can find them slightly cheaper), the 2.0.7 update is available now through the Bose Music app (Android, iOS). Simply connect the earbuds, open up the app and you’re on the way to sampling these new features for yourself.

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