Upsight Unveils New Mobile Marketing Platform

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Upsight Marketing has been redesigned making it easier for mobile marketers to explore user data and use these insights to run powerful, cross app marketing campaigns that can be A/B tested and language localized.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 19, 2015

Upsight, the leading enterprise analytics and marketing platform for mobile apps, today released the new Upsight Marketing platform. Introducing a radical simplification of traditional mobile marketing workflows, the new Upsight Marketing platform helps mobile marketers more easily create and execute data­ driven campaigns.

“For the first time ever, consumers now spend more time in mobile apps than on the web. This shift is making it increasingly difficult for modern marketing organizations to adapt to the exponential increase in mobile user data and sophistication of mobile marketing campaigns,” said Josh Williams, Chairman and CTO of Upsight. “We redesigned Upsight Marketing to help the mobile marketer address these challenges – making it easier to explore user data and use these insights to run powerful, cross ­app marketing campaigns that can be A/B tested and language localized.”

CMOs recognize the growing importance of mobile in their customers’ lives but need a solution that can both handle the complexities of mobile data and offer flexible tools that support a sophisticated marketing strategy. Modern marketing organizations need a solution that:

1. Ingests and makes data accessible from mobile and online activities;

2. Offers dynamic data visualizations, shortening the time from exploration to insight;

3. Supports data analysts who need quick return answers to queries of entire datasets;

4. Powers sophisticated,cross­ app marketing campaigns that can be optimized in real time with data analysis.

The all­ new Upsight Marketing platform gives mobile marketers the ability to easily explore user attributes and behaviors, presenting dynamic data visualizations that help build an understanding of these relationships. Mobile marketers can now adopt user insights to build A/B ­tested and language localized campaigns across multiple apps. With the new Upsight Marketing platform, mobile marketers can:

  • Dynamically Explore Users: in an intuitive interface that merges user discovery and segmentation like no other platform today. Marketers can explore user attributes, such as Last Session Date and Amount Spent, and refine user segments by simply clicking on and editing data directly from any chart on the dashboard. Selections immediately change the segment size and characteristics – at any point segments are available for marketing campaigns and for future targeting.
  • Build Meaningful User Segments: with a unique combination of visual exploration and precise controls that mobile marketers can use to identify user segments, accurately approximate their size, and save for use in their marketing campaigns.
  • Create Powerful Cross­ App Campaigns: with a new campaign engine that can run campaigns to one app or across an entire portfolio of apps and platforms.
  • Run A/B Tests: to easily test multiple marketing campaigns before deploying the winner across an entire user segment.

Localize Marketing and improve campaign performance by presenting users with marketing campaigns in the language that they prefer. Upsight Marketing also works with Upsight DataMine, a next­ generation business intelligence platform that analysts can employ to explore large volumes of data and will accept easy ­to ­write queries using SQL expressions.


Beginning today the new Upsight Marketing platform will be rolled out to existing customers. To learn more and request a demo of the new platform, visit http://www.upsight.com/marketing. Live demos of the new solution will be showcased in San Francisco March 2 – ­6 during the Game Developers Conference.

About Upsight

Upsight is one of the largest mobile analytics and marketing platforms in the world, handling more than 500 billion data points per month and used by thousands of apps worldwide to manage and optimize their mobile businesses.

Enterprises depend on Upsight’s reliable, flexible and scalable data platform to handle their large­ scale ingestion, collection, processing and storage needs. This platform powers Upsight’s data­ driven marketing tools, used to understand user behaviors and influence them with targeted in­ and out ­of­ app engagement, retention, reengagement and monetization campaigns.

  • Analytics: Upsight’s web interface consists of custom dashboards and enterprise grade access controls used by product managers, marketers and executives to establish key metrics and monitor business performance in real time.
  • DataMine: Beyond standard dashboards and reporting, business analysts and product teams rely on DataMine to further query raw data for valuable behavioral insights and to refine user segments for product and marketing purposes.
  • Marketing: An incredibly easy ­to­ use suite of marketing tools designed to radically simplify data exploration, offer powerful user segmentation, and run data­ driven A/B tested and localized marketing campaigns.

Upsight is widely adopted by a variety of mobile­ focused businesses including established brands such as Warner Brothers, Viacom, and Turner, and game publishing powerhouses such as Electronic Arts, Activision, Glu Mobile and BigFish. Upsight is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information please visit http://www.upsight.com, or @GetUpsight.

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