Valve finally unleashes Steam Deck Dock, with no wait to buy

Valve has made the long-awaited Steam Deck Dock available to order, and you won’t have to wait in line for months to get one.

The handy dock, which costs $89 (about £80 at the current rate, thanks Lizzy T), has an estimated delivery within 1-2 weeks, depending on where you live. The Dock is ideal for charging your device and keeping it handily within reach, but also connecting to your TV or gaming monitor for playback on a bigger screen.

Thanks to the gigabit Ethernet connector, it’s also ideal if you wanna lower the latency of your gaming session with a wired connection. It’s got 3x USB A ports, a HDMI 2.0 port and a DispleyPort 1.4.

It won’t boost the power to the Steam Deck, unlike the Nintendo Switch dock, but it’s probably a must-have accessory for most Steam Deck users. There have been other, third-party docks released for the Steam-powered gaming handheld but this one’s got the official stamp.

“Not too big or too small, Docking Station is exactly the right size and shape to hold Steam Deck securely,” the company says on the product page. “From the right angle USB-C connector at exactly the right length, to the molded rubber seat to ensure there’s no scratching, the Dock was made for Steam Deck”

The launch, albeit delated for a long time, is quite timely considering Valve has just updated said SteamOS with a fix for external displays.

Overall, it’s been a massively successful 2022 for the Steam Deck. Reviews have been largely positive, the reception from gamers has been great, and the company has done a stellar job of working through the production bottleneck to get Steam Decks to customers ahead of schedule.

Best of all though was the Trusted Reviews Awards gong Valve just scooped for the Best Games Console. It beat out the PlayDate and the Nintendo Switch OLED.

“Portable gaming systems have seen a boom in recent years, but few have provided the quality that the Steam Deck offers. It’s powerful enough to play virtually any Steam game in your library, and yet is still light enough that you can game on the go without making your arms ache,” our own Ryan Jones wrote.

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