VR/AR Leaders From Amazon, Dell and IBM Finalized for VRS Conference…

The Greenlight Insights event, now in its second year, is 40 percent larger than last year’s inaugural edition, reflecting VR/AR’s rapid growth and progress. Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2017 takes in the Hilton Financial District Hotel October 25-26 in Downtown San Francisco.

“VRS Conference 2017 exploded this year, reflecting the industry’s rapid growth and innovation,” says Greenlight Insights CEO Clifton Dawson. “The top-level speakers at this year’s event are set to clearly show how VR/AR will transform marketing, training, and education for enterprise applications, as well as how we all work, play, and communicate.”

The event includes three VR/AR themed conferences under one roof; previews of new Greenlight Insights research; and cutting-edge, hands-on demos from 14 leading VR/AR tech companies.

The multi-conference agenda includes the core VRS Conference and The Experiential Enterprise Summit 2017, highlighting major blue-chip companies deep dive into VR/AR for marketing, education and services. This year, VRS 2017 also includes The VR Arcade Summit, a major new Greenlight Insights initiative highlighting the next big phenomenon in games, entertainment, interactive art and more. Forbes estimates that VR Arcades is emerging as a $45 Billion industry.

Blue-chip companies participating in the Experiential Enterprise Summit 2017 include Amazon, Accenture, Dell, IBM, and HP, among other household names. Speakers include Amazon Creative Director Rudy Poat, who runs the company’s nimble rapid innovation lab, prototyping future hardware and software ideas. Poat previously served as Microsoft’s Creative Director of XBOX incubation and helped form Analog Labs, where he helped develop HoloLens.

In addition to top keynotes, VRS Conference 2017 includes VR/AR leaders from many of the top studios and technology players transforming VR/AR. A short list includes HTC; The VR Company; THX; Technicolor; Survios; Starbreeze Studios; Framestore; Baobab Studios; Zero Latency; Unity; Secret Location; and Neurable.

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