We can’t resist this tempting Sonos Sub price drop

Upgrade your home entertainment setup for less and experience everything from the latest action blockbuster to live festival streams with perfectly detailed audio and bass, thanks to this deal on the Sonos Sub.

Save £209.24 and get the Sonos Sub wireless subwoofer for just £589.76 in this astonishing limited time deal on Amazon.

The Sonos Sub is the perfect addition to existing Sonos speaker setups as it’s able to produce detailed audio and uninterrupted bass. Getting started with the Sub and setting it up is simple, taking a matter of minutes over Wi-Fi and the Sonos app. 

The Sonos Sub (3rd Gen) is currently under £600 on Amazon

The Sonos Sub (3rd Gen) is currently under £600 on Amazon

Save £209.24 and get the Sonos Sub (3rd Gen) wireless subwoofer for just £589.76 in this limited time deal on Amazon.

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Pair the Sonos Sub with other amplified, non-portable Sonos products, including soundbars, amplifiers and speakers for a truly powerful sound system. For double the impact you can even add in a second Sonos Sub for an immersive soundscape.

Once paired, the Sub will take over the lowest frequencies (as low as 25Hz) so your other speakers can focus on mid-range and higher frequencies, resulting in a richer, more powerful audio.

This is done automatically however its bass, treble and loudness can then be adjusted within the Sonos app, so you can tailor your listening experience.

Although a fairly hefty device, weighing 13kg and measuring up to 40.2cm, you can choose to either stand the Sub upright or lay it on its side depending on your space and neither position will affect the sound quality.

Although we haven’t reviewed the Sonos Sub (Gen 3) subwoofer ourselves, it currently boasts a near-perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon based on 370 customer reviews. 

If you’re looking to truly upgrade your home entertainment setup and experience TV, film and music with enhanced detail and perfect bass, then you should seriously consider investing in the Sonos Sub. At under £600 this is a genuine bargain for the product.

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