WebRTC Ventures Releases callstats.io and Tokbox Integration

WebRTC Ventures, a provider of custom, real-time applications with video, voice, and data exchange, is announcing it’s release of an open source webRTC Tokbox integration for callstats.io.

Arin Sime, CEO of WebRTC Ventures said, “Our team at WebRTC.ventures works very closely with Tokbox and callstats.io on a variety of projects, and so it was a natural fit to build this integration. When we build custom applications for our clients based on Tokbox, this will allow us to also integrate callstats.io analytic capability to improve application performance. Since we’re open sourcing, this in collaboration with callstats.io, other teams can benefit too.”

The WebRTC.ventures team often performs assessments and code reviews of Tokbox and other WebRTC based applications, and callstats.io is a great tool to support these efforts.

The OpenTok.js, developed by TokBox, is a WebRTC platform that embeds interactive video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps. OpenTok includes client libraries for web and native clients (iOS, Android), server-side SDKs and a REST API.

“Callstats.io provides many great integrations to WebRTC frameworks — it is a great way to track any errors and performance statistics that your video app is having and to diagnose those WebRTC related errors — and now we’ve partnered with them to build an integration to one of the most popular WebRTC CPaaS‘s out there: Tokbox.”, Sime added.

Varun Singh, CEO callstats.io said, “we are really glad about WebRTC Ventures creating and maintaining an integration of TokBox/OpenTok.js with callstats.io. With this announcement all major CPaaS vendors and open source systems have an official integration with callstats.io. Specifically, related to TokBox, we have several customers that integrated callstats.io by themselves and we have sometimes spent a fair amount of time making sure that those integrations were correct, the shim by WebRTC.ventures makes sure that we do not run into that issue again.”

The shim between OpenTok and callstats.io is now open sourced for anyone to use. It can be accessed below:

Github repository and instructions:


callstats.io Announcement:



WebRTC.ventures (https://webrtc.ventures) is a custom design and development agency that specializes in building video communication applications using the WebRTC standard. The team of 60 experts in the design and development of WebRTC web and mobile applications spans North and South America, and works with clients around the globe in telehealth, online education, and broadcasting solutions.


Callstats.io (https://callstats.io) provides products that measure and manage the performance of real-time media communication. We help software developers set up, build, and scale communication applications quickly. Callstats.io integrates with various third party SDKs and PaaS solutions which make it easier to build and deploy WebRTC applications.

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