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Amazon Luna is finally expanding beyond the USA, with the service now arriving in the UK, Germany and Canada. 

But what actually is Amazon Luna, and why should gamers be excited? We’ve created this comprehensive guide to detail its features, as well as answering all of your questions. 

What is Amazon Luna? 

Amazon Luna is a cloud-streaming gaming service in a similar vein to the now defunct Google Stadia. Think of it as the gaming equivalent to Netflix.

Since all the horsepower required to run games is provided via your internet connection, Amazon Luna can be played on a variety of devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets and select smart TVs. All you need is a fast internet connection to ensure a smooth gaming performance. 

By subscribing to Luna Plus, you’ll gain access to a wide range of games that can be streamed through the cloud. Noticeable games in this library include Alien Isolation, Castlevania, Control, Devil May Cry 5, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 2 and Sonic Mania. 

Alternatively, you can sign up to Ubisoft Plus via Amazon Luna which offers a roster of games including Assassins’ Creed, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. And if you’re not interested in signing up to the monthly subscription, you’ve also got the option of purchasing individual PC games from the Ubisoft Store to use on Amazon Luna – but you won’t be able to buy individual games for Luna beyond Ubisoft, which is a clear difference to Google Stadia.

Those who subscribe to Amazon Prime will also be able to play select games for free each month on Amazon Luna. For example, in March 2023 Amazon offered access to Mega Man 11, Get Packed: Couch Chaos and The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero via Luna.

How much is Amazon Luna?

In order to use Amazon Luna, you’ll need to subscribe to one of its game libraries. 

Amazon Luna Plus costs £8.99/$9.99 per month, gaining you access to games such as Alien Isolation, Castlevania, Devil May Cry 5, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 2 and Sonic Mania. 

Ubisoft Plus is significantly more expensive at £14.99/$17.99 per month, while the JackBox Games subscription is priced at £3.99/$4.99 per month, making it the cheapest of the trio. 

Those who already subscribe to Amazon Prime (£8.99/$14.99), for access to Prime Video and instant delivery for parcels, will also be granted access to a small selection of games via Luna. Amazon will switch up the game offering every month. 

Since you don’t need a dedicated Luna console, there’s no extra cost involved. Amazon does offer the official Luna Wireless Controller for £59.99/$69.99, but you’re able to use a compatible third-party controller instead if you prefer. 

Is Amazon Luna available in the UK?

As of 22nd March 2023, Amazon Luna is now available to use in the UK. 

When Amazon Luna first launched in October 2020, it was exclusive to the USA. But it has since expanded to other countries, including the UK, Germany and Canada. 

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