What is Apple’s account deletion policy? The iOS Developer rule explained

Although Apple’s account deletion policy has been around for a while now, there still may be confusion over what it entails.

Read on to learn more about Apple’s account deletion policy, what it has meant for iOS app developers and how it affects app users.

What is Apple’s Account Deletion policy?

Introduced back in 2021 and implemented in June 2022, Apple’s account deletion policy is a rule for iOS app developers. Essentially, if an app is listed in the App Store and includes a feature where users can create an account, then there must also be a feature to allow users to subsequently delete their account within the app. 

Before this policy was implemented, some apps would require users to visit the app’s web platform or website if they wanted to delete their account. It should now be much easier for users to delete account without needing to leave the app. 

It is also not enough for apps to only provide a disable or deactivate option; all users must be able to permanently delete their account and data.

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Why did Apple implement this policy?

Simply, having an in-app deletion necessity helps Apple comply with data privacy laws around the world.

Who does the account deletion policy affect?

The account deletion policy affects all iOS app developers as they need to ensure they have the option for users to delete their accounts within the app.

If any app doesn’t comply with the policy, developers risk having their apps removed from the App Store or rejected by Apple. Developers can risk being banned from hosting apps on the App Store too, if they breach other Terms of Service too.


This policy also naturally affects users too. Users can feel secure and get peace of mind that they can easily delete their accounts and, as Apple elaborates deletion means removing the account and any associated data, which isn’t legally required, from the developer’s records, users know extra data won’t be stored.

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