What is Galaxy AI? Samsung’s artificial intelligence push explained

The Samsung Galaxy S24 range boasts some impressive hardware, but that’s not the focus of this year’s flagship range. Instead, it’s the all-new Galaxy AI, a suite of GenAI-powered tools that lets you do some pretty cool stuff.

While it’s not a complete replacement for Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant – despite the fact that the assistant is underutilized at the best of times – it does bring new features like the ability to rewrite texts, remove people from images, summarise voice recordings and even websites, all without the need for an internet connection. Well, most of the time anyway.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s Galaxy AI.

What is Galaxy AI?

Galaxy AI is a new set of AI-powered features for Samsung devices. The new features are enabled by a combination of on-device AI and cloud-based AI.

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Key new features include improvements to ray tracing performance and a new Chat Assist feature. The latter provides an AI-assisted way to craft emails and texts, from creating longer passages to forming summaries of existing text.

Samsung is also touting new real-world translation for phone calls, with 13 languages included at the time of writing. The Live Translate feature uses on-device AI for two-way real-time translation and voice-to-text translation to provide live-translated text on-screen when taking a call. There’s Interpreter for real-time in-person translation as well, and it even works without Wi-Fi.

AI is also present in the Samsung Notes application, aptly called Note Assist, providing summaries, template creation and cover creation to make your notes easy to spot. It’ll also use AI to analyse and tidy up handwritten notes on the top-end Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Transcript Assist brings the ability to get speech-to-text transcriptions from voice recordings along with summaries and translations of the text. Similarly, you’ll be able to use Android Auto in your car to have incoming messages summarised and have potential replies suggested to you as well e.g. sending your ETA.

Google is part of Samsung’s renewed AI push in the form of Circle to Search. It lets you long press on the home button and then circle, highlight or scribble over something on your phone to Search with Google. It was exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S24 range initially, before rolling out to older Samsung devices and, of course, Google’s Pixel collection too.

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