What is Game Mode on iOS 18? The iPhone’s new gaming feature explained

Apple has just announced its new operating system for iPhones, iOS 18 which is packed with numerous new features to enhance your user experience. 

One of those features is the brand new Game Mode which promises to optimise the gaming experience for all types of games on your handset. But what actually is Game Mode and how will it work on your iPhone?

Keep reading to learn more about the new iOS feature, Game Mode and how it differs from the existing macOS feature.

What is Game Mode?

Game Mode optimises your gaming experience by minimising your handset’s background activity and prioritising a game’s performance by boosting the CPU and GPU performance. This should result in a smooth and more consistent gaming experience.

Not only that but Game Mode also promises to improve responsiveness when connected to AirPods and wireless controllers and gamepads to truly immerse yourself into the game. 

AirPods Pro are also getting a useful upgrade for gaming too, thanks to personalised spatial audio. Apple also says that one of the first games that will support this feature is the Need for Speed game on iOS.

If you’re a developer then don’t worry, Apple will include a new API so developers can include personalised spatial audio into apps.

Is Game Mode new?

While it’s a new feature for iPhones and iOS 18, Game Mode is currently a feature in macOS Sonoma, which turns on automatically when you view your game in full screen mode. Game Mode for Mac is only available on computers that are part of Apple Silicon, so have an Apple M-Series chip.

When will we get access to Game Mode?

Game Mode will be available once iOS 18 launches. Although we don’t have an exact date yet, we expect it will launch in September 2024.

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