What is the Final Cut Camera app?

Apple has announced a new initiative to enable multicam productions on your iPhone and iPad, with a new Final Cut Camera app playing a crucial role.

As part of its latest launch event, Apple announced the powerful new iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air 6. It also announced some exciting new things you can do with its expanded slate of devices, including high-end video production.

So what exactly is the Final Cut Camera app? Read on to find out.

What is Final Cut Camera?

To put it briefly, Final Cut Camera is a forthcoming free app for iPhone and iPad that lets you capture and stream video footage back to an iPad as part of a wider multicam production.

Apple’s new version of Final Cut Pro will serve as a hub studio for multicam productions through its new Live Multicam feature, with Final Cut Camera serving as the means for actually capturing and broadcasting that video footage.

Final Cut Pro for Mac and iPad

You can shoot on up to four iOS devices using the app, and have them all stream wirelessly to a single iPad or Mac simultaneously.

The app also works as a standalone professional video capture app for iPhone and iPad, providing precise manual controls for advanced productions. Using the app, you can adjust settings like white balance, manual focus, ISO and shutter speed, as well as enabling focus peaking and monitoring recordings with zebras and audio meters.

When will Final Cut Camera be available?

Final Cut Camera will be available to download later this spring as a standalone app. It will be completely free to download, though a Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 subscription will also be necessary to run your multicam productions.

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