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The latest upgrade to the Chromebook has recently been announced by Google: Chromebook Plus.

The new Chromebook Plus line of machines are packed with AI features, faster processors and is more gaming optimisations. The Chromebook has also been promised new features too, including Google integrations “to help make it easier to get things done”.

How does Chromebook Plus compare to the more traditional Chromebooks? Keep reading to learn more about what Chromebook Plus means and how it measures up against Chromebook.

Chromebook Plus has new Google AI features

One of the biggest features of Chromebook Plus is its new Google AI features that are built straight into the device. These features include Help Me Write which offers you writing suggestions and can generate text from scratch and Magic Editor. Magic Editor, which can also be found on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, allows you to reposition, resize and even entirely remove objects from your images. 

Even so, Google has promised that Chromebook will have some AI features rolled out in the coming year, including hands-free control with face and gesture tracking. This should allow users to do numerous tasks, such as compose and send emails, use apps or browse the web without needing to use the keyboard, helping to make the Chromebook more accessible.

Magic EraserMagic Eraser
Chromebook Plus – Image Credit (Google)

Chromebook Plus models have faster processors and double the memory

All models with Chromebook Plus branding promise “double the performance” of standard basic Chromebooks, thanks to either the Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors.

In addition, all Chromebook Plus models starts with 8GB RAM (up from a minimum of 4GB), meaning that the latter should be able to run programs faster. However, as we haven’t tried this yet, we aren’t able to verify this ourselves.

Chromebook Plus laptops all have a 1080p camera

The webcam on the Chromebook Plus promises to be a substantial upgrade to other Chromebooks. While Chromebooks will have a 720p webcam, all Chromebook Plus machines boasts a 1080p camera at a minimum. Not only that but the webcam is fitted with AI-powered tools to help enhance picture clarity, noise cancelling and blur the background.

Chromebook Plus has Gemini built-in

Sticking with the AI theme, Chromebook Plus computers will have Google’s Gemini assistant right on the home screen. Gemini is Google’s largest AI model that is able to understand prompts and help with various tasks. For example, Gemini is able to assist with writing, summarise tasks and even generate images. 

Google is also offering all new Chromebook Plus users free access to the Google One AI Premium plan for 12-months. This plan includes access to Gemini Advanced, Gemini in Google Workspace and 2TB of storage.

Chromebook is cheaper

Currently the cheapest available Chromebook is the HP Chromebook 14-inch which starts at just £249. The cheapest available Chromebook Plus is the Asus Chromebook Plus which starts at £399. You will save money by picking a model without the Plus branding.

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