What’s coming in the next big update?

Apple is coming to the end of the beta phase for its upcoming update to iOS 15. Here’s everything we know about the software so far.

You may still be getting to grips with iOS 15.1, with its new SharePlay features and exciting iPhone 13 camera features, but Apple as always is one step ahead.

The company has recently finished the beta stages of the next major update to its mobile operations system, iOS 15.2. Here are some of the new features and improvements it contains.

When is iOS 15.2 coming out?

Apple has so far seeded two ‘RC’ (release candidate) versions of iOS 15.2, meaning that it should be pretty much ready to go. Apple rarely gives specific release dates for these new software updates, though considering it has now come through the beta process it shouldn’t be too far away from hitting devices in a final manner.

All devices that run iOS 15 will be able to run iOS 15.2.

iOS 15.2 features

App Privacy Report

If there’s one big addition to iOS 15.2 at this early point, it’s App Privacy Report. Previewed at Apple’s at WWDC in June, it breaks down precisely how often your installed apps have accessed your data over the past seven days, as well as when they have contacted other domains.

Notification summary

Apple is adjusting the notification summary system in iOS 15.2. There’s a new card-based system at play that should prove easier to process at a glance.

Emergency SOS

In a minor adjustment to the Emergency SOS feature, it now takes 8 seconds to call emergency services with a combination of button presses, rather than the existing 3 seconds. Hopefully this will mean fewer accidental calls.

Communication Safety

Apple announced a raft of new child safety protocols earlier in the year. One of those features, called Communication Safety, appears to be rolling out as part of iOS 15.2, judging from the source code. Employing Apple’s machine learning technology, this feature will warn parents and children in the event that sexually explicit photos are received or sent from a child’s iPhone.

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