When is Android 12 coming to Sony Xperia phones?

Google recently announced that Android 12 would start rolling out on its Pixel phones, including the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. But, what about other Android phones? Read on to find out when Android 12 will be coming to your Sony Xperia. 

We’ve already written guides on when Android 12 will be coming to Samsung, when Android 12 will be coming to Xiaomi phones and when Android 12 will be coming to OnePlus phones, but what about Sony devices? 

Sony is the first manufacturer we’ve looked at that doesn’t use a skin or its own software based on Android and instead uses the standard version of the operating system, meaning it’ll most likely get the majority of the features Google has announced for Android 12.

Scroll down to discover which Sony Xperia phones will be getting Android 12 and when you can expect to see it. 

When is Android 12 coming to Sony Xperia phones? 

Sony has yet to confirm exactly when its phones will get Android 12, but Xperia phones can expect to get two major OS updates in their lifetime. 

That means the following Xperia devices should see the update (via PiunikaWeb): 

There’s also the Sony Xperia Pro-I coming out soon. Sony announced the Pro-I this October as the latest phone in the brand’s Pro line. 

The phone is set to launch in the US in December, with pre-orders open now. However, it looks as though the phone will come out of the box running Android 11, with an update to Android 12 available further down the line. 

We’ll have to wait and see when each of the Xperia phones gets updated to Android 12, but many models only received the Android 11 update this summer so don’t expect to see the update in 2021.

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