Windows 10 Mobile is basically dead – at least according to Microsoft

The inevitable has happened: Microsoft has effectively declared that Windows 10 Mobile is dead in the water.

Microsoft has always seen huge success with its Windows desktop platform, but the company has consistently failed to make its mark on mobile. After the the uber-flop of Windows Phone, it was hoped that Windows 10 Mobile would bring about a change in fortune. Sadly, that never happened.

Now the death knell of Windows 10 Mobile is being rung by none other than Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who heads up the Windows experience. In a series of tweets, Belfiore detailed how the operating system would enter servicing mode – that means bug fixes and security updates, but no new features.

He wrote: “Of course we’ll continue to support the platform. Bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren’t the focus.”

He explained that one of the biggest issues was a lack of available apps for the platform: “We have tried VERY HARD to incent app devs. Paid money, wrote apps for them, but volume of users is too low for most companies to invest.”

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